Atlantic Digital provides electronic design engineering services that range from concept feasibility studies and virtual prototyping to complete product development, contract manufacturing and market roll-out solutions, whether the product is intended for business channels or destined for retail distribution.

In addition, Atlantic Digital has the creative concepting and technical execution resources to produce your packaging, collateral and communications materials, trade-show displays, interactive kiosks, point-of-sales, advertising and promotional campaigns, internet, audio, video, etc.

Thanks to this unique combination of capabilities, we can respond to a broad variety of development challenges. This includes helping corporate innovators as well as inventors in their efforts to secure the resources necessary to bring their particular concept to market.

Our extremely cost-effective QuickStart program makes it possible to assess technical feasibility, to determine probable cost of goods and to create all the high quality strategic presentation materials required to successfully solicit third party funding, whether private or institutional.

Atlantic Digital can help your idea become a success

ADI can provide just the one thing you need to get a product to market, or everything you need to get it there. The choice is yours